November 15, 2018


The Hartford School District Local Standards Board (LSB) is established and maintained for the primary purpose of recommending teachers for relicensure. Its other purpose is to assist teachers in documenting and approving professional learning activities necessary to maintain their teaching license.

Each building has representation on the board.  

Noel Bryant Hartford District Office
Noel Bryant RAP and HARP
Vicky Trombly Hartford High School
Vicky Trombly HACTC
Lisa Burton Hartford High School
Hannah Prescott Hartford Memorial Middle School
Aubre Kilanowski Hartford Memorial Middle School
Kimberly Dumont Ottaquechee School
Lynn Porter Ottaquechee School
Reid Burriss White River School
Franklin Burns Dothan Brook School
Becca McKenney Dothan Brook School
Laurie Hausler Tenney House

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