September 26, 2021

Child Find Notification - Children with Disabilities Ages 3-21 Years

DATE: 08-18-2021

The Hartford School District is required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to locate, evaluate and identify persons with disabilities from birth through age 21, who may be in need of special education, related services, or accommodations in order to access a free appropriate public education; and to provide such needed services for those ages 3 through 21.  Services for eligible children ages birth through 3 are provided through the Children’s Integrated Services - Early Intervention program.  Services for eligible children ages 3 to 21 are provided by your local school district.  If you know a child residing in Hartford that you believe may have such needs but are not currently receiving services, please contact the Special Education Office of the Hartford School District, at 802-295-8605. Information obtained during Child Find remains confidential as required by Vermont Special education Regulations and the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act.