February 26, 2024

Emergency Closing Procedure

DATE: 01-25-2024

Hartford School District Emergency Closing Procedure

The safety of our students and staff is extremely important. In the event that schools need to close due to emergency conditions the following process will be followed. In all but a few rare cases, ALL Hartford Schools and programs will be closed together. 

Hartford Schools and Programs include:

Hartford High School

Hartford Area Career and Technical Center

Hartford Memorial Middle School 

Dothan Brook Elementary School

Ottauquechee Elementary School 

White River Elementary School 

Regional Resource Center

Project Search at DHMC

The Wilder School

Delayed openings may be used if the forecast is predictable and or if the event that delayed the opening is time limited based on factual information.

It is very rare that students would ever be sent home early from school, even if road conditions become dangerous during school hours. We are extremely hesitant to send students home early due to the difficulty of ensuring that parents/caregivers are actually home and ready to receive their children from school. Again, it is very unlikely to ever be used, except in the most urgent of emergency conditions, but if we were to need to close early the procedures outlined below will be activated.

Afterschool Activities and Athletic Events

Additionally, it is possible that due to deteriorating road conditions in the afternoon or a forecast that suggests poor weather in the evening, the school’s Principal in collaboration with the Superintendent may cancel all after school and athletic events. This decision is made at the individual school building level.

Notification Procedures

The Superintendent makes the decision to delay or cancel school between 5:30 and 6:30AM. This decision is made very carefully after consulting with the Hartford Highway Department and/or the Hartford Police Department, Butler Bus Company and other area School Superintendents.

For all emergency closings, the Superintendent will activate the Infinite Campus Emergency Messenger System. The Superintendent will then contact the VT Association of Broadcasters who will post the delay/cancellation on the local and regional television and radio stations and their website (wcax.com)

Hartford School District delays or closings are also available as a prerecorded message at 802-359-1005.

Emergency Messenger will contact everyone in our student information system according to their indicated preferences. This may include any combination of or all of the following methods: home phone, cell phone, email, or text message. If you do not get a notification it is because you are not in the system or your information is incorrect or needs to be updated. Please visit your student’s portal to update or correct the information yourself or see your school secretary for assistance. 

Vermont Association of Broadcasters will post Hartford School Opening Delays or Cancellations on most local radio and television channels including but not limited to the following:

Radio: WJJR 98.1, Cat Country 105.3, WSYB 1380, WZRT 97.1, WDVT 94.5

Television:  WCAX - Channel 3          (802) 658-6300          www.wcax.com   

Other Resources: 

VT State Police Road Conditions Hotline     800-429-7623