June 15, 2024

Now hiring: HMMS Athletic Director!

DATE: 04-25-2024

Dear HSD community,

The athletic director’s position at HMMS is currently open and we are accepting applications from candidates. Hartford High School athletic director, Jeff Moreno, is overseeing the hiring process and is seeking volunteers to serve on the hiring committee. The committee will consist of HMMS parents, coaches, and teachers/staff members as well as incoming principal Cody TanCreti. The committee will also have HHS parents, coaches, and students. We are looking to assemble a diverse group of people who are willing to screen the candidates, perform the interviews, and make a recommendation for hiring. At that time, we will ask a few groups of HMMS students to meet with the finalist(s) before making a final decision. Athletics and activities are a powerful tool to complement a solid school-day education and we are excited as we begin this process. Please contact Jeff Moreno (morenoj@hartfordschools.net) if you would like to serve on this committee.

Jeff Moreno
Assistant Principal, Hartford High School
Athletic Director, CAA