May 28, 2022

Our Programs

The Hartford School District consists of nine schools, four of which serve the wider regional community.  

Hartford High School
White River Jct. VT
Grade levels: 9 – 12
Student Population: 498
Average Class size: 15
Principal: Nelson Fogg Jr.
Jeff Moreno, Assistant Principal, Athletics
Roy Hathorn, Coordinator of Student Services

Hartford Area Career and Technology Center
White River Junction, VT
Grade Levels: 11th & 12th with two programs available for 10th grade students
Student Population: 299
Average Class Size: Level II programs=12; Level I programs=13; Non-sequential programs=2
Number of Programs: 14
Director: Doug Heavisides
Assistant Director: Scott Farnsworth

The Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) serves students from Hanover, Hartford, Lebanon, Mascoma, Windsor, and Woodstock High Schools. In addition, the HACTC also serves students from Rivendell Academy, South Royalton High School, Thetford Academy, Mid-Vermont Christian School, Ledyard Charter School, and home-study students. We strive to be the educational hub that connects all the Upper Valley communities, preparing students for both post-secondary education as well as immediate employment.

Hartford Memorial Middle School
White River Junction, VT
Grades: 6-8
Student Population: 317
Average Class Size: 19
Principal: Tristan Upson
Assistant Principal: Heather Cleveland

The Hartford Memorial Middle School is an educational community where the qualities of academic rigor are closely valued and coupled with the healthy development of emotional and physical health of adolescents.

Dothan Brook School
Wilder, VT
Grade Levels: Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 5
Student Population: 243
Average Class Size (K-5): 18
Number of Classes: 2 (Pre-K) & 12 (K-5)
Principal: Rick Dustin-Eichler

The Dothan Brook School’s community of students, staff, and families is committed to fostering academic, social, and emotional growth in a physically and emotionally safe learning environment, and nurturing a sense of belonging in all its members.

Ottauquechee School
Quechee, VT
Grade levels: Pre-Kindergarten through grade 5
Student population: 207
Average class size: 15
Number of classes: 14 classrooms consisting of morning and afternoon pre-kindergarten, full-day
kindergarten, and grade specific classrooms for grades 1-5
Principal: Cathy Newton

At the Ottauquechee School, we believe that in order to lead productive and satisfying lives, our students must develop a full complement of lifelong skills: social, emotional, physical and academic. As a community of learners, we build our sense of belonging and social responsibility by supporting a safe and healthy school climate, advocating learning for all students and adults.” We value and emphasize academic and social skills. We are proud of our school’s safe and respectful school climate and the expected use of appropriate social skills by everyone. Within this context, as a learning community, we have adopted common instructional goals and specific strategies to improve student learning, our priority.

White River School
White River Junction, Vermont
Grade levels: Pre-kindergarten through grade 5
Student population: 209
Average class size: 16 (grades K-5), 12 (pre-K)
Number of classes: 2 sessions of pre-K, 12 classes of K-5 (2 per grade level)
Principal: Sheila Powers

White River School’s strong assessment results validate our commitment to the goal of having each student do her/his best every day. A dedicated and energetic faculty and staff insist on the highest standards of academic performance by each child. White River students enjoy consistent, school-wide approaches in reading, phonics, math, writing, grammar and discipline that are supported by research and experience.

Regional Alternative Program
Wilder, VT

The Regional Alternative Program at the Wilder School is an educational therapeutic program serving students, grades 1 through 12, from the Hartford Area Regional Collaborative member schools.  Students with severe behavioral disabilities are referred to the Wilder School by the member supervisory unions.

Hartford Autism Regional Program
Wilder, VT

The Hartford Autism Regional Program provides educational and clinical services for students in elementary school through high school who have autism or other related developmental disabilities. Using principles of applied behavior analysis, this program strives to teach students effective communication skills, social skills, functional academic skills, self-help/personal care skills, ADL skills and pre-vocational/ vocational skills training.

Regional Resource Center

White River Junction, VT

The Regional Resource Center (RRC) is a collaborative program serving students up to age 21 with developmental delays and multiple disabilities within the Upper Valley. With a team of highly dedicated individuals, students learn skills necessary to live and work as independently as possible in their community.

Data from the 2017 Annual Town Report and respective school websites.