May 18, 2024
Where to find us

The Hartford School Board Meets on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 6:00pm at the Hartford Town Offices (unless otherwise stated)

You can watch live and recorded meetings on 
Community Access Television (CATV)

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School Board Members

Kevin Christie, Chair
Term - 2023-2026

Nancy Russell, Clerk
Term - 2024-2027

Garrett Wilson 
Term - 2024-2026

Douglas Heavisides
Term - 2023-2025

Peter Merrill
Term - 2022-2025

Student Representatives
Term - 2023-2024

Board Training (Governance Investment)

Equity and Inclusion Training 9/22/21 Community Engagement Meeting

The Trainer -Dr. Mary Gannon - Biography

9/22/21 Slideshow 

Fall 2018 Conference

Paul Reville's, Director of Harvard Education Redesign Lab

Presentation Slides